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Duplex Corrugated Boxes

Versatile Solutions for Secure Packaging

We are pleased to present our Duplex Corrugated Boxes, the ideal choice for secure and adaptable packing. These boxes are designed to ensure your products stay secure and well-protected throughout their journey.

These boxes are unique because they have the ideal balance of flexibility and strength.. It means they’re great for all sorts of items – whether it’s delicate electronics, heavy machinery parts, or anything else you need to pack up. We understand how important it is to keep your products safe, and that’s exactly what these Duplex Corrugated Boxes are built for.

When you use our Duplex Corrugated Boxes, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your packaging needs are well taken care of, and your products will reach their destination in top-notch condition. These boxes are like the superheroes of packaging – strong, flexible, and always ready to protect your stuff.

Duplex Corrugated Boxes - Svasti paper Boxes

Features of Duplex Corrugated Boxes

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Branded Packaging

We really understand how important it is to make packaging that’s good for the environment. Our team of skilled engineers thinks carefully about every part of how a package is made and used. We promise to use materials that come from responsible sources, so you know they’re eco-friendly.

To make our packaging look nice and be good for the environment, we use eco-friendly inks. They’re bright and pretty, and they don’t harm the environment. We’re really strict about making sure the colors on our packages are just right. We want every package to be perfect, and we check them carefully to make sure they meet our high standards.

During our collaboration with the industrial sector in Vapi, Gujarat, which is the leading consumer of corrugated packaging, we conducted rigorous tests on the use of corrugated packaging to create a sustainable and efficient packaging solution. The industry in Vapi sought an eco-friendly and robust packaging solution that would not only meet their specific needs but also contribute to their sustainability goals. With our expertise in packaging solutions, we were able to develop a custom corrugated packaging design that perfectly met their requirements.

We successfully sourced corrugated materials that offered exceptional strength and durability, which was crucial for the industry’s products and supply chain needs. Additionally, we worked closely with the industry to ensure the packaging met their branding requirements and incorporated their logo and specific design elements.

The corrugated packaging solution proved to be highly effective, leading to a significant reduction in product damage during transportation, cost savings, and increased efficiency within the industry. This sustainable approach to packaging not only met the industry’s needs but also aligned with their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Benifits that you will love

Duplex corrugated boxes offer durability, cost-effectiveness, and protection for products during transit. They are eco-friendly, customizable, and ideal for branding



Duplex corrugated boxes are sturdy and resist wear and tear, ensuring the safe transport of goods.



They are affordable, reducing packaging expenses without compromising product protection.


Environmentally Friendly

Made from recyclable materials, they promote sustainability and eco-conscious packaging solutions.



Duplex boxes can be tailored to fit various product sizes and branding needs, enhancing visual appeal and brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duplex corrugated boxes are ideal for protecting delicate fabrics and garments during shipping and storage, offering durability and moisture resistance.

Duplex boxes ensure pharmaceutical products remain secure and compliant with regulations, with customization options for branding and labeling.

Yes, duplex corrugated boxes are food-grade and can safely package a variety of food items, maintaining freshness and hygiene.

There are recyclable and sustainable duplex corrugated boxes that cater to the environmental concerns of the chemical and manufacturing industries.

Duplex boxes can be customized in size and design to fit different products and ensure efficient, organized logistics operations.